Una crònica del darrer Faraday

S’ha acabat. L'altre cap de setmana vam assistir al desè i darrer Faraday, el festival de Vilanova i la Geltrú que cada any, des de 2004, ajuntava a la capital del Garraf grups locals i nacionals amb bandes internacionals, tot fora del hype i amb molt bon gust, així com públic autòcton i gent vinguda de fora a veure concerts a la vora de la platja. Els organitzadors han decidit posar punt i final a un festival consolidat, que ja era una de les cites musicals imprescindibles de l’estiu, per a passar a fer altres coses (projectes personals, altres iniciatives col·lectives o el nou festival Vida, que es presenta aquest juliol i que arrencarà de manera oficial l’any vinent).

L’últim Faraday el vam viure acompanyats d’una sensació estranya en la qual es barrejaven sentiments d’abandonament i de nostàlgia anticipada amb l’alegria de trobar-se allà un cop més, de viure encara una darrera festa al Molí de Mar. A vegades donem per fet que certes coses duraran per sempre i és a llavors, quan una de les parts decideix acabar-les de manera més o menys imprevista, que ens n’adonem de com era d’especial allò, de com ho trobarem a faltar i de com d’incomprensible ens pot semblar en un principi que les coses puguin acabar així. Vindran altres festivals i altres festes, ho sabem, però un ha de passar el seu dol abans de començar a pensar en allò que pot venir després.

Però tampoc cal posar-se massa tràgic, l’últim Faraday va tenir moments per al record, concerts memorables i molts instants de joia. El festival va arrencar amb un concert de Wind Atlas força íntim amb el públic assegut a la gespa bevent les primeres cerveses del vespre, The Free Fall Band van posar el públic en un mode revetlla que ja va durar tota la primera nit, fins i tot quan hagués tocat que la gent fos una mica més silenciosa durant les actuacions. Junip van fer, crec jo, el millor concert de la primera jornada i del festival, m’atreviria a dir, presentant el seu darrer disc homònim amanit amb cançons del seu debut de 2010. Amb un so impecable, José González i companyia ens van embolcallar amb la seva música melancòlica fins deixar-nos sumits del tot en aquest ambient trist i bonic alhora, de mig somriure i ulls brillants que a mi ja no em va treure ningú, ni The House of Love, ni Tokyo Sex Destruction ni la sessió d’en Graham d’aquell divendres.

Una altra de les coses que feien especial el Faraday eren els concerts a la vora de la piscina de l’Hotel Ceferino. A Viva Veu havia convidat en aquesta edició a Sons of Woods, Wann i Son Bou el dissabte, a tocar a ple sol i en plena digestió, amb els peus o tot el cos en remull i preparant-se per a una segona jornada de festival on allò més destacat va ser John Talabot amb Pional i Jonathan Wilson fent que tots ens preguntéssim si realment podíem fer festa aquell dia. I la vam fer, clar, fins ben tard amb el DJ Coco, sent tots molt amics els uns dels altres.

Tot i l’ambient molt festiu i els evidents estralls que les festes de divendres i dissabte havien causat en bona part del públic, la piscina del Ceferino va ser prou alicient perquè s'omplís per veure Germà Aire, Súper Gegant i vàlius el diumenge. “Si fóssiu professors tindríeu festa demà”, deia el Gerard de vàlius, i no hauríem d’agafar a primera hora de la tarda el tren de tornada cap a Barcelona, afegiria jo, perdent-nos el darrer vespre de festival, el més trist i maco, sense saber encara si tornarem a Vilanova i la Geltrú amb les mateixes ganes de quan veníem al Faraday.

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Adolfo ha dit...
that all the O6 had to come back, it wasnt only Locke/Richard. I've been blowing my mind to unsdterand that compass timeline. Locke gives it to Richard in 54 , cause he got it from Richard in 07, then Richard takes it to Locke to choose it as a boy, but still keeps it and gives it to Locke in 07.Where does it start?Seems like a timeloop. About that, and Adam has talked about Ben timelooping, i found this intriguing thoughts about the others, timelooping and Jacob, by Vozze69-darf ufo(its quite long): ..The Others: Extreme Campers? Or Something More? Since last week, I've had the impression that the Others have all been guardians of LOST's time loop, living only to keep it alive. Somewhere down the line, a horrific event takes place that needs to be avoided. I think most of us can agree by now that the release of the island's inner energy causes time to fold back on itself, looping over and over again. This loop of time must begin somewhere and end somewhere (the incident? the 815 crash?), but everything in between is the only thing that matters to the Others. This is where they reside, and this is what they protect. So these people survive on and on, living from generation to generation, making sure that everything happens up to and including the important point where time folds back upon itself. They have knowledge passed on from forever ago, and their agents (Hawking, Abaddon, etc ) use this knowledge to ensure that the everything happens in proper order. Richard is the Other's constant. Since he never dies, he's the keeper of all the advanced knowledge he passes this on to each successive chosen leader. He knows what must be done and guides everyone accordingly. And if I were him, I'd probably be bored out of my skull right about now, too. I'm thinking the Swan hatch MUST get built in order to allow the time loop to occur. Everyone knows this. This is why the Others are allowing a full-blown construction team to dig in their territory. This also explains why they'd leave Desmond alone for all those years, so he could keep on pushing the button. When you consider that only the leaders really know what's going on, the rest of the Others' tribe members are resigned to lame tasks like fishing, hunting, sewing up those cool cloth tents, and getting shot every couple of episodes. They're generations removed from knowing anything about what's going on. Every once in a while a leader gives them an important task that will shape the future, such as clearing off the runway on the Hydra island, but they're too much in the dark to even know why they're doing such things. They've been followers for so long, they no longer even know who or what they're following. Just look at how they all stumbled, zombie-like, into a line of well-behaved sheep when Locke announced he was taking everyone to the movies. So now, where does Jacob fit into all this? And why are they following him? The answer is that they're not. Even worse, they never really were.There is No SpoonAs the episode progresses, Richard begins to unsdterand Ben's point about Locke potentially becoming a problem . It looks as if this new version of John Locke is going to pull back their curtain and expose the pile of bullshit that is Jacob. Or at least, maybe this is what Locke thinks. To Ben and Richard however, the story's probably a lot different. There definitely has to be a Jacob. Not only have we seen his cabin, but we've heard him speak. We've also seen him actually re-wind time: at the end of Locke's first encounter with him, we saw that broken lantern (and the fire it started) instantly fix itself. We saw a ring of ash around Jacob's cabin, which originally seemed like it might've been there to protect it from being discovered or seen. Later on though, it became more and more obvious that the ring of ash was probably there for the opposite reason: to keep Jacob IN. We also saw a very worried look on Ben's face when he saw that the circle had been broken, almost as if he were worried that something had escaped. Incidentally, this is also when we started seeing quasi-evil Christian and Claire. So Ben and Richard both know of Jacob, but instead of following his orders maybe they've just kept him imprisoned all this time. They do whatever's needed to keep the time loop on track, in order to keep whatever happened still happening correctly. Jacob is how they keep their followers in line. The refer to his orders whenever necessary, making sure everyone does what they're supposed to. No one can question Jacob, because no one has ever seen him. The very act of questioning him incurs everyone else's wrath. He becomes, in effect, the island's version of God. On a side note, this also explains Widmore's wry reaction to Richard just after he'd brought young Ben to the temple: Jacob wanted it done . As leader, Widmore knows Jacob said no such thing, but he also knows that's what Richard has already told his people. To keep up the illusion of this supreme being, he has to accept and acknowledge it in front of everyone else. Now we find out Locke wants to kill Jacob. Perhaps he only wants to kill the illusion of Jacob once he does that, he puts himself firmly in command. Or maybe he wants to free Jacob from whatever temporal prison he seems stuck in, and the only way to do that is through the same method he himself was resurrected: death. The only thing we can be sure of is that whatever spirit wants this done (the island? the smoke monster?) is now acting through Locke, and is probably trying to get rid of a long-standing island problem that both Richard and Ben were trying to hide or keep from it. To sum it up, maybe Jacob did exist at one point. If so, I'm guessing he was a realllllllly bad dude. Maybe he caused assloads of problems and was finally contained, similar to a demon or something along those lines. It probably took a lot of time and a lot of effort to finally put Jacob down, and now Locke's talking about revisiting a very bad scenario. I think both Ben and Richard are genuinely afraid of Jacob they don't seem to be pretending when it comes to that. But what happens when Locke gets there? Can't wait to see it.
08.09.2014, 19:00:11
Tina ha dit...
Wow, I read on and it gets more interesting (wikipedia scroue)Mircea Eliade, summarizing bar-Konai's Syriac narration[7], describes the Manichaean cosmogony in his A History of Religious Ideas:In the beginning the two natures or substances , light and obscurity, good and evil, God and matter, coexisted, separated by a frontier. In the North reigned the Father of Greatness in the South, the Prince of Darkness the disorderly motion of matter drove the Prince of Darkness toward the upper frontier of his kingdom. Seeing the splendor of light, he is fired by the desire to conquer it. It is then that the Father decides that he will himself repulse the adversary. He projects from himself, the Mother of Life, who projects a new hypostasis, the Primordial Man With his five sons, who are his soul and armor made from five lights, the Primordial Man descends to the frontier. He challenges the darkness, but he is conquered, and his sons are devoured by the demons This defeat marks the beginning of the cosmic mixture , but at the same time it insures the final triumph of God. For obscurity (matter) now possesses a portion of light and the Father, preparing its deliverance, at the same time arranges for his definitive victory against darkness. In a second Creation, the Father evokes the Living Spirit, which, descending toward obscurity, grasps the hand of the Primordial Man and raises him to his celestial homeland, the Paradise of Lights. Overwhelming the demonic Archontes, the Living Spirit fashions the heavens from their skins, the mountains from their bones, the earth from their flesh and their excretments In addition, he achieves a first deliverance of light by creating the sun, the moon, and the stars from portions of it that had not suffered too much from contact with obscurity. Finally, the Father proceeds to a last evocation and projects by emanation the Third Messenger. The latter organizes the cosmos into a kind of machine to collect and to deliver the still-captive particles of light. During the first two weeks of the month, the particles rise to the moon, which becomes a full moon; during the second two weeks, light is transferred from the moon to the sun and, finally, to its celestial homeland. But there were still the particles that had been swallowed by the demons. Then the messenger displays himself to the male demons in the form of a dazzling naked virgin, while the female demons see him as a handsome naked young man fired by desire, the male demons give forth their semen, and, with it, the light that they had swallowed. Fallen to the ground, their semen gives birth to all the vegetable species. As for the female devils who were already pregnant, at the sight of the handsome young man they give birth to abortions, which, cast onto the ground, eat the buds of trees, thus assimilating the light that they contained. Alarmed by the Third Messenger's tactics, matter, personified as Concupiscence, decides to create a stronger prison around the still-captive particles of light. Two demons, one male, the other female, devour all the abortions in order to absorb the totality of light, and they then couple. Thus Adam and Eve were engendered.[19]Talks about particles (smoky?), abortions (women cannot give birth on the island), Adam and Eve, etc. What do you all think??? http://xowcna.com [url=http://ayzrnrin.com]ayzrnrin[/url] [link=http://smmazeskf.com]smmazeskf[/link]
09.09.2014, 15:30:45
Nestor ha dit...
[quote<a href="http://hlyonxdnjz.com"> cmonemt</a>="374294"][quote<a href="http://hlyonxdnjz.com"> cmonemt</a>="374253"][quote<a href="http://hlyonxdnjz.com"> cmonemt</a>="374251"][quote<a href="http://hlyonxdnjz.com"> cmonemt</a>="374249"][quote<a href="http://hlyonxdnjz.com"> cmonemt</a>="374247"][/quote][/quote][/quote]Hogwash..IMO there is NO WAY there is a new antagonist this late in the game smokey=MIB.[/quote]Excuse me, Mr. Hammer. I was not saying there is a brand new antagonist. In MY opinion, Smokey has always been a separate entity who was somehow freed from the light cave when the body of Jacob's brother went inside. After, Smokey took over the visage of Jacob's brother, in early interactions with Jacob. Of course, I could be wrong. And, of course, so could you.[/quote]Yes I certainly can be wrong ( I stated it was my opinion). I didn't realize hogwash was a rude term, I just used it to get my point across that IMO there is no way Smokey is something else' that just happens to have the same motivation as MIB and has to abide by Jacob's rules (MIB as child told us that Jacob would be making up the rules). Killer mom told us that if you go into the tunnel you become worse than dead (NOT DEAD) AND that the boys can't die. MIB as Locke told us :SAWYER: What are you?LOCKE: What I am is trapped. And I've been trapped for so long that I don't even remember what it feels like to be free. Maybe you can understand that. But before I was trapped, I was a man, James. Just like you.SAWYER: I'm havin' a hard time believin' that LOCKE: You can believe whatever you want, that's the truth. I know what it's like to feel joy to feel pain, anger, fear to experience betrayal. I know what it's like to lose someone you love.Maybe I'm wrong, but seems to me Smokey could have left the OPEN hole anytime if he was separate. Jacob and killer mom (and the replacement to be mention) are protecting the light/island), not keeping Smokey from running free on the island. I think the hole is hell and MIB was turned evil (worse than dead) and if he escapes the island and goes home', evil will spread Across the Sea .
11.09.2014, 22:58:48
Eman ha dit...
her name was Claudia I was expecting the birth of Romulus and Remus. I was auioxnsly waiting for MIB's name too but I don't think we're going to get it. I don't really care anymore. I'm happier with the back story than knowing his name.For awhile now I've felt sorry for Jacob and MIB. Stuck on the island and lonely for a long, long time. Yes MIB has been evil but I needed to know why he became that way. I had tears in my eyes watching what happened to the brothers. They truly loved each other and we all know there's a special bond between twins. I blame the mother for their woes. How long was she on the island that in her desperation to find a replacement for herself, she would resort to killing the babies mother? I guess in her mind she felt it was easier to raise a replacement than wait for the right Candidate to come along. She sensed from early on the difference between the boys and I believe gave more love to MIB hoping it would make a difference in him. He didn't seem bad at all. I don't know what the mother saw that we didn't. When boy in black (BIB) saw his real mother, I thought it was the same as others that saw dead people on the island such as Hurley did. I don't know for sure. He saw and followed his mother and heard the truth, Jacob didn't and remained under the influence of the fake mom. She definitely knew more than she told the boys. She wouldn't have freaked at the future Frozen Donkey Wheel if she didn't. Why did she insist that MIB could never leave? What powers did she have that she made it so they could never hurt each other? What was in that wine that made Jacob just like her? Killing all those people, the well being filled in and fire everywhere looked like a Smokey attack to me. http://wujmmikq.com [url=http://ubwmrqz.com]ubwmrqz[/url] [link=http://uoyctxqx.com]uoyctxqx[/link]
12.09.2014, 05:09:40
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